Knitting tip that will come In handy when putting together a sweater!  How to Graft Stitches Head to Side - Dummies

How to graft stitches head to side ~ good for joining a sleeve top to a sweater body on a dropped shoulder sweater, which has no shaped armhole or sleeve cap.

Darning Technique: This would take longer than patch darning a hole, but it would look so much nicer, especially for a hole in the top of a sock.

an awesome technique to repair socks. Not sure if I would ever repair socks. but good to know if I wanted to

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oh, so that is how you do it

join knitting [ "Seams and weaving yarn tails - oh, so that is how you do it", "Knitting Instructions-Finishing: Seams and Weaving Yarn Tails I

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Good diagram for a sewn bind-off in ribbing. Text is in Italian but pictures are self-explanatory.

How to Mend Clothes

This is the same thing known as grafting and also called the Kitchener stitch. To mend a horizontal ravel, weave the edges together; loop the yarn through each knitted stitch.

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Find and save knitting and crochet schemas, simple recipes, and other ideas collected with love.

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