ho detto tutto.

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the words go to hell oh honey, where do you think i came from?
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the words are written in different colors and sizes on paper with writing underneath them that says, non riesco a fare la faze al cazzio che mi peri pare
an image of a man in black and white with the words body parts i don't
a hand holding a piece of paper with writing on it that says, we are go volersi e non disrelo
a hand with the word asia written on it
Che ansia!
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Its never to early, or never to late, its your timing, not those who discriminate!!!
the words dear karma, i have a list of people you missed
a poster with the names of different types of people's heads and words on them
Più lo spazio per le crush e tutte le informazioni raccolte su essa
a poster with the words if your hand is like this, you are creative
If your hand like this...