DIY: Patriotic Pinwheel Cupcakes

Chocolate Dome Cake Tutorial - with chocolate glaze recipe (One tip for the glaze after making let it completely cool down before use (reheat to right liquid stage), since this will prevent a non-stick stage)

Welcome to Talita's Kitchen: My kind of chocolate dessert *Looks super fancy and you have to translate from European ingredients (gelatin sheets), but will try it someday!

Polymer clay lilac spring flower tutorial - looks super tough but just adding it for the awe that I am in

Muffin di pizza

Muffin di pizza

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Robocar Poli Cake - Cake by The Sweetery - by Diana

Robocar Poli cake for Marc Andre’s birthday. The star of the cake was Roy the Firetruck, the celebrant’s favorite character. We made him out of rice krispies.