I libri che non ho letto

I libri che non ho letto


Del recensire/2. Book bloggers brutti e cattivi

Negative censorship is censorship that limits the freedom of speech, freedom to know, and freedom to understand things. This is censorship that is negative and horrible.

Poesia dorsale | Le librerie invisibili

Poesia dorsale

Poesia dorsale | Le librerie invisibili


Libri in tv


Ricordarsi che erano dei lettori

My New Granny by Elisabeth Steinkellner and Michael Roher. Caring for a grandma with Alzheimer's.


L’insostenibile riservatezza del Kindle

Train travel, but the book would be competing with the window.as much as I love to read, I love watching he scenery go by out of a train window

Guerra alla fascette | Le librerie invisibili

Guerra alla fascette

Guerra alla fascette | Le librerie invisibili


Confessioni di un lettore

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Happy Kindle to me!

Kindle Touch is rather awesome . and I thought I would be a "real" book only type of gal for life! But a friend got me one for a gift and I am in love! You can even rent library books on it!

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Lo snobismo del bestseller

Obama ti ama | Le librerie invisibili

Obama ti ama

Moments after the 2012 presidential election was called for President Barack Obama, his social media team blasted out a picture of the president and Firs.