Bye bye arroz!! Hola hojitas de olivo!!  Boda de Laura y Jose.  Cucuruchos de papel craft + sello de los novios.

I will have my friend work on this, but will need you to provide leaves or petals to load the cones with. This is for people to sprinkle us with when we exit down the aisle.

Food Illustration Description Olive tree centrepieces wedding- I like this for the greenery inspiration, but don't plan to go as simple as burlap. I'm going to stick with gold accents and clear glass.

Romantic-Santorini-Destination-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-Thanasis-Kaiafas (7 of 28)

Romantic Santorini Destination Wedding at La Maltese

hand written wedding invitations | ... cotton stock, are customized with hand written watercolor calligraphy

These flat cards have the Tuscan olive watercolor design printed on bright white 118 lb. They are blank so you can write in your guest

Bouquet for sicilian wedding made of white eustomas, white peonies and branches of olive trees

I like the foliage and flowers. But I don't like the shape of bouquet - prefer it to spread out and cascade more. Also don't like the flowers that are still in bud form.

Συμβουλές προετοιμασίας ενός ονειρεμένου γάμου

Συμβουλές προετοιμασίας ενός ονειρεμένου γάμου

#γαμος στολισμός γυάλα ντυμένη με λινάτσα & ελια με τριαντάφυλλο

#γαμος στολισμός γυάλα ντυμένη με λινάτσα & ελια με τριαντάφυλλο

Love the use of olive branch for the greens!

We will likely incorporate olive branches into the room decor. I like the sage green colors they offer.