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Ceramic Pendant in Rustic Sage, Funky Flower Star design, handcut and handmade from stoneware clay

Ceramic Pendant in Rustic Sage Funky Flower Star by Artgirl56,

N&A artesanatos: Avental de Garrafa em Feltro - Natal


Tutorial in Miniatures for Dolls

These hands by polymer doll artist Diane Keeler require a scale and level of detail unfamiliar to most polymer jewelry folks. (The hands are from a class Diane teaches.) There's no cane work pattern or rough texture to camouflage flaws. Many po [...]

Elisa Fenoglio. Her dolls are terrific, but I am posting these for a look at her Edwardian costumes.

Julia, 1908 silk dress

orecchini in pietra dura di pirite e lasttrina di ottone embossata, by tizianat, 12,40 € su