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a poster with different colors on it that says filastraca delle cinque dita
Filastrocca delle cinque dita
a poster with the words aspetandada la primavera written in spanish
Aspettando la primavera
a poem written in spanish with pictures of children around the world on top of it
a poem written in spanish with bees and flowers
an image of children doing different things on the page with spanish words and pictures in it
an autumn poster with a tree in the middle and leaves on it's ground
Autunno! | patrizianencinidee
an image of a cartoon mouse with the caption topolino toletto
Topolino Topoletto
three owls sitting on top of a red table next to an empty sign that says,
Salviamo le conte di una volta: insegniamole ai bambini
the back cover of an italian language book, with words written in blue and white
a piece of paper with writing on it in red and white ink that reads, la persona davoro speciale que que
multicolored hands holding the earth together
Helping hands stock vector. Illustration of future, caring - 53834873
a poem written in spanish with an image of a person jumping
Il trenino dei diritti | Cose per crescere
a poem written in spanish with the names of different languages and numbers on it's side