Guinness: Welcome Home Poster Ad

Irish International BBDO - Guinness 'Welcome Home' Poster ad that ran at Dublin Airport, welcoming those returning to Ireland for "The Gathering" - an Irish government-sponsored initiative which encourages the Irish diaspora to visit home.

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A clever ad from Guinness tells you exactly what you can do with your cell phones. Put down your phone and enjoy your beer!

Adv / Guinness - What every man really wants for Christmas

From Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK Art Director: Antony Nelson Photographer: Paul Zak Copywriter: Mike Sutherland Source: Gute Werbung

Guinness: Pint Pass Advertising Agency: Irish International BBDO, Dublin, Ireland Art Director: Paddy Geraghty Copywriter: Bernie Martin Photographer: Simon Burch Retoucher: Stanley's Post Published: February 2012

The Print Ad titled Pint Pass was done by Irish International BBDO Dublin advertising agency for brand: Guinness in Ireland.

Guinness: April Fools

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Advertising agency BBDO Singapore has recently released three art-based print ads for Guinness. These posters are a part of the 'Made Of.

BeerLine 3up WB SFW - Brent Daniels -

BeerLine 3up WB SFW - Brent Daniels -