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A first look at Tengami's ocean level.

Two worlds collide in Nyamyam’s Tengami. Interview with the developers on Beefjack

Tengami: An awesome pop-up book and puzzle game - The art themed adventure puzzle game is already near completion as announced by the indie game developers, Nyamyam. Tengami showcases fairy-tale world in a lush Japanese graphic designed environment t

Tengami - Pushing the pop-up book style. The cut paper look was a heavy influence on Lucidity. This game looks beautiful.

A wolf... friend or foe or... ?

Tengami is set in a pop-up book. Here the player unfolds a shrine, by sliding their finger across the iPad screen.

Exploring the secret underground passage in Tengami.

Deep in the forest a mysterious red gate awaits.

Early Tengami concept art. Experimenting with the look of the character in relation with the world around him.

Early concept art for Tengami. We experiment with different 'Washi' (Japanese paper).