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Need one of these. cyber punk steampunk style crop jacket in leather chic stylish fantasy cosplay grimm and fairy fashion

Plutonium, avant garde military cropped top/jacket with cowl neckline by Plastik Wrap. All sizes. edgy hunger games , fantasy cyber punk style grimm and fairy fashion cowl neck leather cropped jacket great for autumn winter 2014 layered textural looks

Kali body armor concept, Serge Birault on ArtStation at

[Kali body armor concept, Serge Birault on ArtStation]

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A small personal project to put in my portfolio. Just some character designs for the story of “Joan of Arc” featuring Joan and Charles VII.

File:Dunland Burglar Outfit Concept.jpg

The assassin is an unfailing assailant; most of his targets never see him, and fewer still survive his first assault. The assassin stays in the shadows until the time is right. When it is, he takes a single step, transporting his way to his target, and un