Shadowy path, by Serge Najjar

Interior of the Iglesia del Corazón de Jesús Peter Zumthor c. the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Check back often for sales and new items. Happy Hands make Happy People

Empty ring 2010, Silver, oxidation by Gigi Mariani (IT)

Hollow Form Rings - Empty ring Silver, oxidation by Gigi Mariani (IT)

ich hol meine Legos wieder raus

Apartment in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City, designed by I-Beam Architecture & Design featuring a unique staircase railing made of nearly LEGO blocks.


David Elgena created this beautiful Braun/Dieter Rams inspired weather iphone app called Wthr.

Iris by Mimi Zou – great

Iris concept camera works off eye movements by Mimi Zou at Show RCA 2012


We Are Nature is an awesome portrait project by photographer Christoffer Relander of Raseborg, Finland. He used a Nikon for in-camera multiple exposures and then made small contrast and tone adjustments in post for his surreal portraits.


These amazing multiple exposure portraits are created by a Finnish graphic designer and photographer named Christoffer Relander. In photography, a multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more individual exposures to create a single photograph.

Urban Beard Striped Hat

Urban Beard Striped Hat

Urban Beard Striped Hat by SnorgTees.


Without typical hands or markings, the Gravity watch uses two rings that resemble rotating comets to indicate the time. The fatter, inner ring marks the hours while the narrower outer ring shows the minutes. ~ Love that geek style :)

Dezeen » Formafantasma

"Autarchy" installation by Studio Formafantasma.

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Flos Wan

Johanna Grawunder Wan for Flos

Good design is honest – Dieter Rams

"Good design is honest". Wall Mounted Audio (Compents: Control Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Slim Speakers Record Player by Dieter Rams for Braun

A Whole New You

Works from the portait series 'Forming and Fragmenting' by André Wee, a visual artist and illustrator from Singapore. "Forming and Fragmenting


Hero Robo Bugs by Benjamin Cselley