Ausbau Apartment Wiesbaden is a minimalist house located in Wiesbaden, Germany, designed by Studio Oink. A small apartment in a popular area.

Guerrilla Advertising is such a creative and fun way to advertise. How convenient is this ad? Doesn't that just make you want to go buy that watch?

An advertisement by Jung von Matt/Alster for watchmaker IWC. Bus straps have been fashioned from images of IWC’s Big Pilot’s Watch to allow bus travellers near the airport to try before they buy at Berlin, Germany. 16 more advertisements after the jump.

Advertising for Jeep | #advertisement


Nice little advert for Jeep by Dannish agency Bates Y&R. The Jeep parking space event took place over a few weeks in the spring of 2007 in Copenhagen. The main objective being to make the Jeep brand part of the urban enviroment in a surprising way.

Ads with a New Purpose by Ogilvy and Mather for IBM

IBM: Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, France

As part of a campaign for their new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” breakfast menu, Caribou Coffee’s ad agency, Colle + McVoy, created these amazing bus shelter advertisements for the city of Minneapolis. Not only do they look like giant ovens, but the heating element on the roof actually works! So those waiting inside stay as toasty as the breakfast sandwiches appearing on the poster behind them.

Yet another amazing busstop advertisement. This time it is made for Caribou Coffee’s new hot breakfast sandwiches in Minneapolis. Advertising agency Colle+McVoy turned this bus shelter into an oven, with actual heat coming from the coils.

From working at McDonald's I always take notice of their adverts and usually cringe at them but I think this one is great!

McDonald’s Night Light “Open 24 hours. I don't even really like McDonald's, and I don't know who use this, but this is kind of awesome.

STIHL Lumberjacks Campaign by Advertising Agency Publicis, Brussels, Belgium. "All the muscles you need.

Great idea. Making posters around things on the street

The Sleeping Drunks Billboard. - Japan is one of the hardest working countries in the world. So, at the end of the week, Japanese salary men and women let their hair down with very surprising consequences: Drunk Sleeping.

HiperCentro - Newspaper Ad By Felipe Salazar

apexministry: ““The Kitchen you are imagining is in HiperCentro Corona.” Clever newsprint ad for HiperCentro Corona, designed by Felipe Salazar.

Дизайн, который признали лучшим в мире - Cannes Lions 2013

a line of LED torchlights by Philips, ad agency Ogilvy India created a campaign that cleverly illustrates the brightness of the torches.

Posters with sensors.

Haircare Poster Reacts To Train's Arrival In Stockholm Subway Stunt by Stopp

The Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek installed ads for a new line of hair products in a subway station in Sweden that made it look like a model’s hair moving and blowing in the wind whenever a train entered the station.


Gold Lion: Pedigree of Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil Loneliness is swiftly eradicated in these nice, understated ads

Interactive Poster

This is an AMAZING domestic violence ad from Germany. There's a camera above the poster that recognizes when someone is looking. When people are turned away a husband is beating his wife, when people are staring they see a smiling happy couple.