Residenza d'Epoca San Crispino/ San Crispino Historical Mansion

The historical Residence San Crispino is a charming residence situated in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Assisi. Its location is enviable, it is…
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a table with two glasses of wine on top of it next to a bottle of wine
Pagina non trovata - Dimore San Crispino
Assisi Historical mansion san crispino - suite Frate Sole
a living room filled with furniture and a chandelier hanging over the top of it
Pagina non trovata - Dimore San Crispino
Mother Eart suite from San Crispino Historical Mansion - Assisi
an old church on top of a hill with trees and bushes around it, overlooking the countryside
Residenza d'Epoca San Crispino
Residenza d'Epoca San Crispino in Assisi, Umbria
an old building with two doors and some flowers in front of the entrance to it
Pagina non trovata - Dimore San Crispino
The original fresco placed in the main entrance of San Crispino historical mansion in the centre of Assisi
an old stone building with stairs leading up to the top floor and two towers on each side
The private garden belonging to "Beatitudo" suite
a table with wine, cheese and bread on it in front of an old building
Pagina non trovata - Dimore San Crispino
How to enjoy life at San Crispino! view of St Claire church from the suite Sisters Stars and moon