Garden Resort & Spa San Crispino

If you love nature and wish to experience a really relaxing stay at close contact with it, then your ideal place is our Garden Resort & Spa Le Dimore di San…
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the building has many flowers growing in front of it and there is an umbrella over the entrance
Amazing winter light: here in Assisi at Le Dimore di San Crispino Garden Resort & Spa
a house with lots of flowers in front of it and some bushes on the side
Antique Roses and lavenders here at San Crispino Garden Resort & Spa at Assisi
a pathway in the middle of a park lined with trees and bushes next to a stone walkway
private garden here in Assisi with lavanders, antique roses and botanic treasures
a hotel room with two beds and one table in the middle is decorated with white linens
full relax special suite for holidays, vacation and romantic getaway in Assisi
a chandelier hanging on the wall in a living room
Your Home in Italy
an open gate with trees and mountains in the distance through which you can see water
Pagina non trovata - Dimore San Crispino
Assisi from San Crispino Garden Resort and Spa
two white roses with water droplets on them
Roses, our philosophy
an empty swimming pool surrounded by trees and bushes in the middle of a park area
green pool in Assisi spa in Assisi
there are two beds with pillows on them in the room
romance in your spa suite with private Jacuzzi
a garden with lots of pink flowers and greenery on either side of the walkway
perfect location wedding tunnel of love #sancrispinostyle
a man getting a back massage from another man in a park with flowers around him
A relaxing outdoor massage...
pink flowers are growing on the side of a tree lined path in front of a house
The colors of our garden
the flowers are blooming on the tree by the pool
A beautiful day at the pool
pink and white flowers line the side of a road
One of the many kinds of roses you can find in our garden
two lounge chairs sitting next to a swimming pool
The gorgeous view of Assisi, from the Resort's pool