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skrap_klipart - «NLD Grass 2.png» on Yandex

Rapid and extreme scalar oscillations. Student work by Alexander Thomas (top) and Jonathan Fidalgo (bottom), prepared for Architectural Design 6, ARC 3321, Spring 2013. Instructor: Bradley Walters.

Site plan for a Wetlands Research Center

Navalcarnero, Spain Jardin Historico de Mariana de Austria Estudio Cano Lasso Arquitectos

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I’m glad to introduce the second collection of high-resolution stone textures, perfect to use in either print or web projects...

Abitacolo ("Cockpit" or "Cabin") is a 1971 lightweight bed structure designed by Italian artist, designer and writer Bruno Munari, that doubles as an educational toy. Children are free to play with the essential structure and modify it in order to suit their needs and build different two open...

Abitacolo: Bruno Munari’s Kid Space Machine

Bruno-Munari-Abitacolo. http://www.vandasye.com/wp-content/uploads/Bruno-Munari-Abitacolo.jpg

Abitacolo by Bruno Munari for Robots (1971) #living #bed #table #chair