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a mirror mounted to the side of a wall
Les 10 tendances deco de la rentree
Les 10 tendances deco de la rentree Miroir (Dante)
a black bicycle parked in a parking lot
Brooklyn based workshop making bikes, knives and outdoor equipment by hand.
viola sarebbe favoloso Design, Skagen, Leather, Kemer, Timberland, Tech, Watch Design, Minimal Watch, Analog Watch
Root beer colored, perfectly trimmed in leather
viola sarebbe favoloso
an abstract painting in a wooden frame on the wall next to a pair of white shoes
Peter Callesen - The power of paper
Peter Callesen - The power of paper. Come creare sculture spettacolari e complesse usando un materiale comune come la carta. #papaer #sculpture #callesen
the man is trying to build his own clothes rack
Star-shaped clothes horse by Aaron Dunkerton
a hand is holding a remote control in front of some trash can's on the sidewalk
Mülltonnen verstecken - einfach per Knopfdruck - Planungswelten
a black and blue bike parked on the side of a road next to a wall
Sport per aiutare il corpo e la mente
a man standing next to a yellow bike on the side of a building with his hand in his pocket
The Biker's Viewpoint
Fidel Herrera Beltrán ,copa mundial, anahi,PELICULAS EN LINEA,SOCHI2014,PEÑA NIETO, TIME,COCA COLA, COPA COCA COLA, SHAKIRA2014,ucrania,katy perry, yellow
a black bike parked in front of a garage door with no wheels on it's rims
Inspiration #BikeProject Ideas
a man standing next to a bike with his hands on the handlebars in front of a gray wall
Royal Fashionist | Best Men's Fashion Website, Luxury Lifestyle, Fitness and Travel
several different types of metal objects are shown in this image
This pen breaks all the ‘rules’! - Yanko Design
For the perfectionist at heart, or a designer who loves their numbers (design engineers, I’m looking at you!), the Messograf pen does something no other writing instrument does. It puts a pretty capable caliper ruler on a pen! With the ability to give you measurements up to the 100th of a millimeter, thanks to its vernier scale that slides up and down the chromium-plated brass body of the pen. BUY NOW!
a man riding a bike on top of a sandy beach
Ultimate Shock-absorbing for Bikes - Yanko Design
This bike might just look like it has a set of cool-looking rims, but those rims are actually an innovative shock and tire system designed to maximize performance! The tire remains firm during normal road condition. However, when it runs on hills or over rocks, the tire and spring module bend to bear the brunt of the force. This increases both the damping and traction for the tire, resulting in a smoother, safer, more controlled ride.
a tall metal object sitting on top of a floor next to a light fixture in the middle
Products | PSCBATH
LT MIRE - Contact Michael at for information & pricing or visit