Baked Egg Bread Boats

Weekend breakfast or brunch. Pinner posted "These Baked Egg Boats from Spoon Fork Bacon were a hit a brunch I hosted. And the filling options are endless.

Freshly Baked Croissants With Raspberry Jam

Freshly Baked Croissants With Raspberry Jam / Mowie Kay. Wish I would have an awesome recipe for baking vegan croissants.

Semmelbullar bread

Semmelbullar But basically they are sweet cardamom buns filled with almond paste and whipped cream.

Garlic and cilantro bread

Roasted Garlic Bread (Adapted from Della Fattoria’s Rustic Roasted Garlic Bread in Artisan Baking by Maggie Glezer)

Estonian thread

This gorgeous piece of baking magic is a Braided Cinnamon Roll, otherwise known as an Estonian Kringel. Check out this recipe and pic tutorial!


Last week we showed you one really cool recipe for making Nutella Braided Bread . Today we are going to show you different Nutella Braided Bread, but also very delicious.

Old honey bread

Old honey bread - this recipe is in Spanish, but I suggest you figure out the interpretation--this bread has a reputation.