It's morning somewhere! | #Coffee

It's morning somewhere! <-- and remember, "morning" goes for 12 hours :)

go for desserts

"Stressed" is "Desserts" spelled backwards. Skip the stress and eat something yummy!

I'm a great choice everyone has flaws and everyone Will make mistakes but if you have someone so special in your life that loves you unconditionally don't let them go so if I'm a second choice after all I've done and after all I've been through and you're going to use a little excuse and things that can be resolved then you really don't love me I will no longer be disrespected or second choice if you want me then choose me or lose me. If you committed to me things would be so different

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ditemi se sono l'unica che ha pensato a mamma! @valemedusa @Lucia Tufano @Gi

ditemi se sono l'unica che ha pensato a mamma!

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