Degas: "Woman Bathing"

"Woman Bathing" - Edgar Degas, 1894 {Degas often depicted women in awkward and inelegant poses, eliciting sharp criticism.

pietro annigoni,

randombeautysls: “ The Pietro Annigoni Museum opened in Florence in November of 2008 at the Villa Bardini, exactly twenty years after the Maestro’s death.

History of Art Humor

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Degas...he was a favorite growing up.  I always preferred his drawings over his paintings and sculpture.

Two Dancers Resting, undated by Degas

Louis Eugene Boudin

Louis Eugene Boudin I love his work but he said at the end of his life he wished he had not painted society people as much.

John Grimshaw

poboh: John Atkinson Grimshaw (English, ~ Reekie, Glasgow, Scotland Petit: g'night, good people … sweetest dreams for you ♥

James Milton Sessions

James Milton Sessions

James Whistler, portrait of his Mother, 1871

James Whistler, portrait of his Mother, 1871

Antonio Correggio

CORREGGIO Madonna and Child with Sts Jerome and Mary Magdalen (The Day) Oil on panel, 235 x 141 cm Galleria Nazionale, Parma