Laura Saligari

Laura Saligari

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Hmmm - could cover PVC pipes with interesting mosaic scraps and mount them in the flower the vertical-ness of these

Gwyneth's Full Brew: Upcycled, Curated by Barbara Lubliner, and the Cup Lid Dilemma

My insanely cool friend @Leilani Schweitzer makes these kinetic art installations. Totally smitten with these!

Community Art Project - Hang from 'Hula Hoop' - use idea of POSTSECRETS

Pfeilraupe by Alpi Alpenrose

Circle Painting. Want to do something like this for the school foyer.

The art of community

Homegrown Learners - Home - Sorcerer's Apprentice & The Water Xylophone

DIY Outdoor Music Wall | The WHOot

Jam with some Pin Strummers. An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet