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We've seen the "Social Media Explained" meme floating around cyberspace (and during webinars, and conference presentations, and yes, I've used it on several occasions myself). Avalaunch Media took it a step further with "Social Meowdia Explained.

So nice!!!   Cute spring craft activity to work on sequencing, fine motor skills, sensory, and any other cognitive skills you can think of! (match colors, work on shapes, etc). Happy OT month!

Green craft project idea - Repurpose a tuna can and clothes pins to make a flower pot or candle holders. Would be cute to do with a kid to work on fine motor skills. Would be cute for grandparents or as a Mothers Day gift! =) mothers day present :)

Is the author unknown?

Is the author unknown?

I need one!!! ;)

Noi diciamo no, alle birre non bevute a causa del freddo!


The shirt originally said, "Some people are gay. Original pin: Get over it." They were made as part of a demonstration for gay rights in the UK. Sir Ian McKellen has been an outspoken advocate for gay rights.

Leap Motion ... see the video!

The Leap is a small iPod sized USB peripheral that creates a interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on your laptop or desktop computer.