Stile stampe giapponesi. Ecoline o acquerelli e china nera.

Were origonally watercolour paper and watercolour paint with pen and ink trees. But could use as inspiration for an art lesson - tissue paper? -- Could use as a bookmark

Monochromatic or analogous colors for the background. Darkest colors at the top, changing to lightest. Once painted and dried, went over with black tempera paint to create a silhouette of a tree. They needed at least 5 combinations of colors varying from dark to light for swirls. Then start adding them in layers (D to L)from the top of the sky, middle, to the bottom. They chose contrasting color combination for the foreground and tree branches. Last, gold paint to show direction of light

Patterned Tree Designs focusing on monochromatic and analogous colors, color combinations, shading, etc.

L'arte a scuola

Draw with pencil, trace with sharpies, then paint using only lines. great for a drawing with kids class or as a montessori art work

How to make a cloudy sky. Wonderful!!! - Nessa

How to make a cloudy sky. Wonderful!!! - Nessa