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a red car driving down a road next to trees and hills with the words tuscany on it
an advertisement for the seaside calls shows a woman swimming on top of a large wave
GERT SELLHEIM (1901 1970). THE SEASIDE CALLS / GO BY TRAIN / TAKE A KODAK. Circa 1938. 39x24 inches, 100x63 cm. F.W. Niven Pty. Ltd.,
The Seaside Calls
there is a poster with a woman on a surfboard in the water
art deco poster Viareggio / Italy
a woman is swinging on a rope in the air with an american flag behind her
Viareggio Italy
Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi.. Italy. 1948
an old poster with the words genoa and the italian riviera
an old book cover with people on the top of stairs and skateboarders at the bottom
Trouville La Piscine (Normandie, France). Vintage travel art deco poster ca. 1 9 3 0 . #essenzadiriviera -
a woman in a yellow bathing suit sitting on a white chair next to the ocean
Marina di Massa, Apuania (Versilia - Italy) vintage travel poster by Filippo Romoli #riviera #essenzadiriviera
an advertisement for the monte - carlo hotel in paris, with a man and woman dancing
Buy Art Reproductions L'Hiver a Monte
by Jean Gabriel Domergue
a woman holding a beach ball in the water
By Riviera della Versilia, c 1 9 3 0, Viareggio, Italy. #beach #vintage #poster #essenzadiriviera
a poster with a man holding a surfboard
F&O Fabforgottennobility
Rendez-vous á Biarritz #travel #poster
an advertisement for the beach ball tournament in southport, new york on july 25, 1970
Southposter #travel #poster