Then let love for another blossom over time. It cannot happen in a flash. That's ego gratification.

love yourself first love love quotes life quotes positive quotes photography beautiful flowers pretty life quote love quote. God & I are still working on this one, big time. I have to learn to forgive myself to, God & I are working on this as well.

No one is too old for fairytales life quotes quotes quote young life tumblr life lessons teen teen quotes fairytales

I grew up on Disney movies. Princesses and dragons and the prince that always saves them.When I was little I thought Cinderella really did live in the castle at Disney World. Hopelessly I believe everyone can still have their own fairytale.


I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because I'm still looking for ideas. Growing up is a lifelong process.

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There's a long road in front of you, you must learn to forget the pain, ignore the regrets and go on.

“Chi ti fa ridere ti fa anche sognare.”

“Chi ti fa ridere ti fa anche sognare.”

nyblueeyes: “adventureofman: “I think kissing is perhaps a lost art in this world of instant gratification and the need to satisfaction. True satisfaction is more about the anticipation of that first kiss. The butterflies in your stomach as you.