Up5 e up6 by Gaetano pesce per B&B Italia

Design Gaetano Pesce + by B Italia

lorenzo cherubini Jovanotti ❥ #oratour2011

lorenzo cherubini Jovanotti ❥ ORA tour 2011 - peccato che non c'ero.

#Denzel Washington at home with me :-)

Washington styling and profiling.

E svegliarsi tutte le mattine qui!

PREFAB FRIDAY: Joshua Tree by Hangar Design...

Dubbed the Joshua Tree House, this wood-and-steel-clad contemporary cabin by Italy's Hangar Prefab is a prime example of efficient use of space and a uniqu

'Las Piedras Fasano' by Isay Weinfeld in Uruguay

'Las Piedras Fasano' by Isay Weinfeld in Uruguay

'Las Piedras Fasano' by Isay Weinfeld in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Growing Vases is a design concept created by Nendo in collaboration with Fabio Novembre for Czech glass and lighting company Lasvit.

Growing Vases

Growing Vases by nendo lighting growing vases nendo

Robot Shelving. Yes, Please. Robox by Fabio Novembre

Dezeen's top ten: bookcases robot-shaped shelves by Fabio Novembre.

Run! By Fabio Novembre

By Fabio Novembre

Dirk Verdoorn paintings

Dirk Verdoorn paintings

something is changing

Free Crochet Pattern on the famous Giant Doily Rug. This Giant Doily Rug spice up the floor and the home decor instantly.

Little bird

Little bird

Poltrona Frau xMas way

Poltrona Frau xMas way