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Andy Warhol & Oliviero Toscani, 1973 — Toscani is the Italian photographer, known worldwide for designing the controversial ad campaigns for Benetton from

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Oliver Toscani … Plastic Surgery … 2005 … Originally shot for a feature on beauty and the modern woman in Elle magazine, this image has become one of photographer Oliver Toscani’s most notorious…

Oliviero Toscani

United Colours of Benneton campaign in collaboration with the World Food Programme Aim: to raise awareness for the most overlooked issue in the world by media and consumers: world hunger.


Benetton is no stranger to controversy. This ad, like other numerous Benetton feature condoms. The brand advocates to stop the spread of AIDS. It is questioned if these ads are appropriate because of the younger people who may come across them.


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Affiche voor United Colors By Benetton door Oliviero Toscani

United Colors of Benetton

James & Other Apes; a book with 50 breathtaking close-up portraits of gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and bonobos and the story behind those apes.