I had an extensive paper doll collection.  Mom would even give me the last season JC Penney catalog & I'd cut 'paper dolls' out of it too.

Paper dolls Mom bought me a new set every time she and my best friends mom went shopping we both got new sets

Barbie Fiori di Pesco...AAaaaahhh.....

25 Awesome ’80s Toys You Never Got But Can Totally Buy Today

25 awesome toys you never got but can totally buy today. Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie, my all time favorite barbie!

Love is.... van een klein hoekje, dagelijks in de Telegraaf naar super HOT in begin jaren 80. Je agenda volplakken met jouw favoriete spreuken (Panini stickers of uitknippen). Love is....The name of a comic strip created by New Zealand Kim Casali (née Grove) in the late 1960's and continued till her dead in 1997.

Love is. (Panini stickers of uitknippen). Love is.The name of a comic strip created by New Zealand Kim Casali (née Grove) in the late and continued till her dead in

Televisione Telefunken anni 50, avevamo anche lo stesso mobile e lo stabilizzatore.

Televisione Telefunken appoggiato al mobile e il trasformatore.

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La manina appicicosa!!..sento ancora i miei urlare che non l'appicicassi al muro lasciava impronte da per tutto hahaha

raise your hand if you had a sticky hand! they left grease-like stains on every surface, but were so much fun to throw at things.

Buffy, Jody & Mrs. Beasley from american TV series "Family Affair" ("Tre nipoti e un maggiordomo") #childhood #memories #nostalgy #RetroToy #1970s #seventies - Carefully selected by Gorgonia www.gorgonia.it

Family Affair - Buffy (Anissa Jones), Jody (Johnny Whitaker) and Mrs.