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Her hair, the dress, the boots, the guy... She has everything! Fairy Oak


Fairy Oak-The Spleenwort Family: A Rather Unpopular Family The Spleenwort family is one of the oldest in the region and Spleenwort men have succeeded one another as Mayor from one generation to the next. Minding other people’s business, therefore, has always been one of their principal tasks.


Fairy Oak-Vanilla, Lavender and Flox


uma bela cena de Grisam e Pervinca enyoing companhia uns dos outros:


Fairy Oak-Lavender Periwinkle

Fairy Oak-Dahlia Periwinkle and LilacTomelilla

Fairy Oak-Vanilla's room

Fairy Oak-Mr. Berry: Love, Courage, and Far-Sightedness. Mr. Berry is Shirley’s mouse. Mr. Berry always stays with Shirley and looks after her day and night, like a babysitter. He always sits on her shoulder and, strange but true, he never stops looking at his tongue. He adores sugared blueberries and he eats whole boxes of them. Then he gives himself no peace because his tongue is always blue. But, watch out, when Mr. Berry’s tongue is blue it can also mean that the Enemy is near…

Fairy Oak,Shirley’s Enchanting Days, Shirley, Elisabetta Gnone, Bombus, Alastair McEwen