Librarum - Libris- Libro or simply The importance of a Book

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The Bride Princess by Goodman. Funny nice and something to do with my fables... even if I would like to know what other people thought of this book.. since the end.. well.. it left me in a way... wordless...

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Malina by Ingerborg Bachman - hard book to read, hard book to understand. Not my favourite... It was a present for my 18 years old. Not a good idea indeed.

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Love Kafka. His way to create parallel worlds with a so skinny language makes me madly in love with him and his grey eyes.

Kundera. The period in EAST Europe. I love those books. I learnt the difference inbetween love and possesion, missing and abundance, to be and to want to be..He was my teacher.

Nothomb. Amelie. Please read her and then tell me what do you think...

Fable. The real ones. To be read. Mandatory.

Dark, Black, Sexy, Anguish, Paranoia, Psycotic... fury and calm.

nice and funny. Italian writer. Italian sounds, color and tastes. Ita talks about females and love and the way to manage it.

What to say but I love him?

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