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LYT ‘three-in-one’ side table by Klaus Nolting
LYT is a versatile table that can be easily matched with armchairs and sofas. It is a practical and stylish addition to various contexts, including hotel coffee bars, airport lounges and living rooms at home. LYT is also a charging point for smartphones and tablets as it has a USB-C port, powered by a cable, incorporated in the top. With a LED light discreetly inserted under the top, with integrated battery power. #lapalmadesign #designforbetterliving #new #sidetable #light
Welcome to our Lounge & Relax
How wonderful it is to enter a lounge that is welcoming and attractive at first glance! Over the years, we have seen it transform from an anonymous passing place into a comfortable area for relaxation and meeting. This central, multi-purpose environment can acquire new roles and new forms when required. #lapalmadesign #designforbetterliving #design #furniture #madeinitaly #lounge #relax
More comfortable workplaces and easier meetings.
A successful meeting starts with comfortable seating. Even formal or informal spaces can be pleasant and cosy, combining order and functionality with greater freedom in composing and customising spaces. EDIT chair, APTA table, KAMI stool #lapalmadesign #design #furniture #madeinitaly #office #meetings
Milano Design Week 2023
Thanks to those who stopped by, and for those who followed us on digital channels, a summary of our Milan Design Week.
KIPU Seatings | Anderssen & Voll 2014
KIPU poufs, highly versatile multifunction furnishing items, have a rounded triangular shape.
AUKI Lounge chair | Hee Welling 2015
Sleek lines and extreme comfort: AUKI is a collection designed to accommodate.
WING TIP Lounge chair | Anderssen & Voll 2022
With its elegant and discreet volumes, it’s also ideal for waiting at an airport, in a museum, restaurant, office or home.
JAZZ Bookcase | Giuseppe Bavuso 2022
The bookcase that gives rhythm to contemporary space.
CROSS Stool | Mario Ferrarini 2022
With its attractive and fluid profile, appearing to almost take off, CROSS is what its name promises, a passage, a crossing. The body rests while thoughts remain active.
ORI Table | Romano Marcato 2020
Openness, energy and us finally together. ORI, the beautiful new table by Romano Marcato, celebrates a return to the fluid and dynamic pace of life. Every place, whether a home, café, lounge, museum or library, welcomes our creativity. And everywhere, ORI transforms the need for connection into an original and contemporary graphic detail.
WING TIP Lounge Chair | Anderssen & Voll | 2022
Elegant and discreet in its volumes, the WING TIP lounge chair harmoniously blends into the lounge space to offer a complete and fulfilling user experience. Be it a three-hour wait or a five-minute break. WING TIP is based on the principles of sustainability, from its shell made of a single recyclable material to its upholstery, which envelops and protects without the use of glues.
GLOVE Stool | Francesco Rota 2022
Featuring a high backrest, supporting the back, and comfortable padding that envelops the entire seat, GLOVE accommodates and even seems to ‘fit’ the person sitting on it.
WIL Stool | Romano Marcato 2016
With its unique 3-leg base, WIL was inspired by the automotive sector.
LAB Stool | Karri Monni 2014
LAB, inspired by the typical lab stool, is ideal for furnishing spaces with an industrial style.
KAI Stool | Shin Azumi 2006
The KAI stool has an original design that can make any space exclusive.