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A moment to pause, recharge your batteries and start again more focused. Or to work over a cup of tea without being disturbed. The cafeteria becomes a connected…
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a display case with luggage and books in it
KAMI | Mario Ferrarini | 2023
KAMI follows us everywhere like a notebook in which to jot down moments of relaxation and creativity every day. Easily #stackable, it is a multipurpose element with great character that easily fits into any home and #contract context, adding originality and functionality. #stool #design #furniture #wood #lapalmadesign #madeinitaly
an overhead view of a living room with couches and tables
ADD | SVU_shape | Francesco Rota | 2014
Comfortable and versatile, the ADD seating system is the first syllable of a speech that expresses different worlds, meeting specific design needs and adapting to existing architectural features. Soft, rounded corners are distinctive features of ADD compositions, which, thanks to corner elements, interact in spaces with colours and versatility to create S, V and U-shape compositions.
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
KIPU | Anderssen & Voll | 2014
KIPU poufs, highly versatile multifunction furnishing items, have a rounded triangular shape.
three candles are sitting on the floor in front of a white wall and a spiral staircase
AARON | Pio & Tito Toso | 2020
Two products in one: a stool and a side table. Two value-added features: comfort and functionality. It is an elegant and functional solution for all contexts, reducing space and valuing privacy.
GLOVE Stool | Francesco Rota 2022
Featuring a high backrest, supporting the back, and comfortable padding that envelops the entire seat, GLOVE accommodates and even seems to ‘fit’ the person sitting on it.
two chairs and a table with magazines on it in front of a white striped wall
LEM Stool | Shin & Tomoko Azumi 2000
LEM è uno sgabello di design, perfetto per chi cerca un'eleganza equilibrata che supera le mode.
ADD Seating System by Francesco Rota, EDIT chair by A&V, BRIO table by Romano Marcato Places, Home Décor, Home, Inspirational, Inspirational Books, Nordic Minimalism, Journey
Lapalma Cafè
A short break between one engagement and another. A moment to pause, recharge your batteries and start again more focused. Or to work over a cup of tea without being disturbed. The cafeteria becomes a connected and versatile space, where you can choose your favourite corner depending on what you want to do. #lapalmadesign #cafè #canteen #green #furniture
a living room filled with furniture and a laptop computer on top of a wooden table
EDIT Chair | Anderssen & Voll 2021
La poltroncina eclettica e sostenibile. Poltroncina imbottita gambe in legno.
three yellow chairs are sitting in front of a long table with a laptop on it
GLOVE stool | Francesco Rota 2022
Lo sgabello imbottito che calza come un guanto. Così, quando Francesco Rota ha pensato a un nome per il suo nuovo sgabello, non ha avuto dubbi e l’ha battezzato GLOVE. Stesso piacevolissimo comfort nell’ampia seduta. Stesso profilo avvolgente. E soprattutto stessa facilità nell’assemblaggio e nel riciclo di ogni elemento. E vista la tradizione, lanciamo un guanto di sfida a trovare una soluzione più bella per ogni momento di relax.
two orange chairs sitting at a round table in front of a white curtained wall
BRIO Table | Romano Marcato 2001
Che sia un tavolo o un piano d'appoggio extra, BRIO si mette a servizio dello spazio con grande flessibilità.
a room with several chairs and tables in it
GLOVE stool | Francesco Rota 2022
When Francesco Rota thought of a name for his new stool, he had no doubts and named it GLOVE. Same pleasant comfort in the wide seat. Same enveloping profile. And above all, same ease in assembling and recycling each element. And given the tradition, we throw down a gauntlet to find a more beautiful solution for every moment of relaxation.
two green chairs sitting next to each other in front of a table with a bowl on it
GLOVE Stool | Francesco Rota 2022
sgabello imbottito con base a slitta h75
SEELA Chair by Antti Kotilainen, RONDO table by Romano Marcato Interiors, Furniture Chairs, Studio Interior, Dining
Lapalma Cafè
In the workplace, the most important places are not those where people work. They are the spaces dedicated to exchange, dialogue, relaxation and interacting with others. Because that well-known team spirit is built there: that sense of identification and being part of a group with shared values and objectives. #lapalmadesign #furniture #chairs #red #cafè #restaurant #canteen #contemporary
a room with tables, chairs and a tree in the center that is surrounded by shelving
JAZZ: aluminium modular bookshelf - Lapalma
Miles Davis used to say that it was useless playing all the notes when you can play only the best ones. And this idea of economy of sound and ingenious choice of every vibration is the inspiration behind the JAZZ bookcase, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, the new art director at Lapalma. A light, linear and yet very powerful harmony, marked by that apparent spontaneity which is a distinctive feature of the most outstanding jazz performances. #lapalmadesign #spacedivider #bookshelf
MIUNN Stools, FORK High Table Quick Sandwich, Quick Sandwiches, High Table, Small Tables, Sled, Better Living, Stools
Lapalma Cafè
Do you prefer a high stool for a quick sandwich while at the computer or sitting on the sofa chatting with that colleague you would otherwise only meet at a meeting? #lapalmadesign #furniture #canteen #stool #contemporary #green