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Sports at Vico lake around Rome

Lake holds primacy, being situated at the height of 500 m above sea level, the highest Italian lake. The long pubbles beach, greenery of the surrounding Natural Park , easy acces to the shore & excellent facilities create a splendid frame for the crystal water where you can practice: canoeing, kayaking, swimming, windsurfing. Mountain bikes are available. The circumference of the lake - 16 km attracts the bikers for discovering excursions.
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Looking for balance on the the mobile bridge

Mappa di: Villa la Paiola

Quietness of the place in the spring leads to the concentration, breathing fresh air

Tranquility of the place leads to the concentration, meditation and yoga

Sandy pubbles beach with green area on the Lake

Vico lake in August

The feeling is like on the top on the world

Windsurfer in August exercising, and then, in September, with the wind, will skyte on the water

Sailing on Vico lake

Red canoa on Vico lake