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Legionary of Cesar's Xth Legion on excellent reconstruction by Alberini

Caesarian Legionaire, during the Civil War, with the name of the general that he's serving on his shield. Their was other methods that was use on their shield to distinguish friends from foes - Imagen

This cadet gray Richmond Depot jacket, picked up at the Battle of the Wilderness by a soldier in the 5th Maine Infantry is typical of a late war variant with shoulder straps and Confederate-issue wooden buttons. By the time the Richmond Depot made this jacket, it had standardized with a nine-button front, two-piece sleeves, six-piece body, and, generally made of imported, cadet gray kersey. Artifact and image courtesy of the Fifth Maine Museum, Peak's Island, Maine.

Adolphus Confederate Uniforms offers Frederick R. Adolphus' scholarly research, articles, and his book Imported Confederate Uniforms of Peter Tait & Co.

Peter Dennis - César en la batalla de Munda.

Julius Caesar Inspires his soldiers at the Battle of Munda, 45 B. by Peter Dennis. "The bareheaded and frantic Julius Caesar pushes through the ranks among his wavering men.inspiring them to fight on" - Nic Fields.