LeBron James (Lakers)

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the lakers's player is wearing a purple jersey
Here's The Male Celebrity Crush She'll Marry, Friendzone & Ditch According To Her Zodiac Sign
the basketball player is looking down at his shoes as he stands in front of an audience
a man sitting on top of a chair wearing a jacket and sneakers with the caption king
LeBron James on Becoming the Greatest, that "U Bum" Tweet, and Life After Basketball
a painting of a basketball player with his hands on his hips standing next to a goat
a basketball player is running on the court with his hand in the air and people watching
The Hardwood
an autographed photo of the los lakers's basketball player, lebrone
the basketball player is trying to dunk the ball into the hoop while other players look on
a basketball player jumping up into the air
the lakers basketball player is standing in front of an audience