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an empty room with two doors and a painting on the wall behind it that has been painted
St. Jakob. Salzburg - Kategorie: St. Jakob. Salzburg
instructions to make a paper snowflake with the help of hand and nail polish
Weihnachtsstern aus Transparentpapier basteln, blau
four different colored paper stars hanging from the side of a window, and on top of each other
Babyccino Kids | SLOTXOGAME88
a collage of photos with the words morning rhythm in a waldor home
Discovering Waldorf - 'The Morning Rhythm' - The Magic Onions
The Morning RHYTHM in a WALDORF Home with The Magic Onions
a painting with words written on it and two trees in the background that are painted orange
apple poem
I remember my kindergarten teacher doing this...45 years ago. It had an amazing impact on me!!!
a red and yellow stuffed toy sitting on top of a bed
Michaelmas Dragon - Rhythm of the Home
a child is playing with toys on the floor in front of a green rug that looks like a pond
last Christmas
a refrigerator covered in magnets that look like houses
momento inspiração: casinha de feltro
someone is making paper flowers out of old book pages and other crafting supplies on a table