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a wooden table with two chairs around it and plates on the table next to it
Enduit Béton Coloré (EBC) : mortier décoratif teinté
Gros plan sur le sol en ENDUIT BETON COLORE, couleur Noir Extra, dans le restaurant SEPTIME, Paris. Il met en valeur le mobilier en bois brut et contribue à une ambiance de charme, mi-indus, mi vintage.
a dining room filled with lots of wooden furniture and flowers in vases on the table
a long wooden table with chairs around it and a fire place in the back ground
Home Decor Obsession
Home Decor Obsession
a dining room table is set with plates and glasses on it, next to an old door
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or eating, while the dog lays on the floor
La Toscana di CasAntica - Casantica