(Oil Field Workers) While his images are beautiful and moving, they also carry with them an underlying warning that without proper care of our environments and what remains of them, our planet is destined for a dark fate.

Photo: Canadian firefighters seal an oil well in Kuwait after Iraqi sabotage during the Gulf War, 1991

The larger sledges are driven by the women

Check out these gorgeous photos by Sebastiao Salgado. You'll never think of reindeer the same again. The Nenets of Siberia ensure the annual reindeer migration - The Washington Post

Sebastião Salgado Brazilian born photographer began as an economist,He abandoned his career as an economist in 1973 to become a photographer.This beginning outside the world of art granted him a unique perspective & helped him connect with his subjects on a deeply emotional level.Salgado dedicated himself to chronicling lives of the world’s dispossessed & is a devout advocate for raising awareness.“I hope the person who visits my exhibitions & the person who comes out are not quite the…

Sebastião Salgado A Brilliant photographer and photojournalist. Originally an economist is his Native Brazil.