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"Reproduction Vintage Travel Poster \"Italy - Italian Coffee\" Size A2: 42cm x 59.4cm Size A3: 29.7cm x 42cm Size A4: 21cm x 29.7cm Digitally Printed using the latest ink technology on 210gsm paper. All posters are sent out rolled in cardboard tubes. Please note the image in the listing is the file that I print from. Please make sure you are happy with the quality before ordering. The image is set to size, and will print as shown."

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Vintage Ads (Coca Cola)

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a poster with the name hiroshima japan on it's front and trees in the background
a poster with an image of a woman in a bathing suit and sunhat on her head
L’Ente Nazionale Italiano del Turismo mette online il suo archivio
an advertisement for strega in italy framed print
Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962), LIQUORE STREGA | Christie's
several pictures of flowers and fairy's with the letter m in each one corner
💌 max 💌
an old red car driving down the road in front of a route 66 sign
an advertisement for the coca cola company
Vintage Ads (Coca Cola)
Vintage Ads (Coca Cola)
an advertisement for coca cola featuring a woman drinking from a coke bottle in front of a record player
a red sign that says drink coca cola in bottle
Coca Cola ® - Vintage posters
an advertisement for the fiat automobile company
Fiat range.
anothersexualrevolution:Friday The 13th.. Poster Prints, Croquis, Cartoon, Friday The 13th, Prints
planet niffer
anothersexualrevolution:Friday The 13th..
an image of a restaurant poster with food on it's fork and spoons