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the instructions for how to make an origami box with two sides and four flaps
II. Book Problems. Part 8
a miniature book with a red and black striped ribbon on it's cover is held in someones hand
Building Books
a book with an abstract painting on it's cover sitting on a white surface
Bookbinder of the Month: Derek Hood
Bookbinder of the Month: Derek Hood – Flash of the Hand
a book with an abstract design on the cover
Vente aux enchères de VIGNY (Alfred de) Daphné. Paris, chez F. L. Schmied...
VIGNY (Alfred de) Daphné. Paris, chez F. L. Schmied Peintre-Graveur-Imprimeur, 1924. In-4, maroquin gris, encastrées dans le premier plat deux plaques en argent en émaux champlevés, jointives au centre du plat pour laisser le décor se développer, encadrement intérieur orné d'un listel noir, brun aux angles, doublure et gardes de soie à grands motifs de feuillages stylisés, non rogné, premier plat de la couverture, étui de plexiglas - Binoche et Giquello - 05/12/2012
an open cardboard box sitting on top of a black surface next to other boxes and papers
limited edition book slipcase
an open book in a box on a brown surface with a black ribbon around it
Hugo Peller’s Pop-Up Box with a Leather Spine
Hugo Peller Pop up box
an open book sitting on top of a white box
La Couleur du Vent bound by Marjolaine Viard // ARA-Canada International exhibition // limp vellum binding, underside dyed with ink and acrylic
a red book with an intricate design on the cover
The Thread M&D, by Monique Lallier, front cover. The text in the metal onlay is so beautiful!
an open book with blue and white designs on it
"En prosa" Manuel Martinez Murguía.
Ya van varias entradas sin libro y eso no puede ser. Hoy toca! En 2004 estuvimos en Cádiz en un congreso de encuadernación que reunió a muc...
the diagram shows how to make an origami plane
doing corners in leather
a red and black book sitting on top of a glass table next to a blue wall
The Spectacular Mosaic Bindings of Curtis Walters
'The Mosiac Bindings of CURTIS Walters, Edition shown here: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare. Eric Gill, illustrator. Limited Editions Club, 1933'
an open book with two pictures on the pages and one is blurry in color
POWRÓT (THE RETURN) - artbook by Maria Szczodrowska, via Behance