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three different views of the inside of a book
three different types of woven objects are shown in this collage, one is white and the other is multicolored
Scheduled Workshops — Gallery — Karen Hanmer Book Arts
a person is holding a piece of wood with yarn on it and thread coming from the end
a miniature book with a red and black striped ribbon on it's cover is held in someones hand
Building Books
an open red book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a brown chair
Pleins cuir et reliures contemporaines
Reliure demi-box Détails de la tranchefile brodée et de l'étui
a close up of an open book with animals on it
Le grand livre des fées
Le grand livre des fées - LA CABANE A L'ENVERS
an open book sitting on top of a table
American Academy of Bookbinding
American Academy of Bookbinding
a close up view of the strings on a musical instrument with gold and green trim
6. Hand Sewn Headbands
Papercut Bindery: 6. Hand Sewn Headbands
an open book sitting on top of a table
Site privé
Pauline Courtin | lesateliersdeburtaigne
a close up view of an old fashioned radiator
Zigor Anguiano Calzada
Este es un blog donde muestro mis trabajos e historias relacionados con la encuadernación.<br> This is a blog where I show my work and stories related to the binding.<br> Ceci est un blog où je montre mon travail et les histoires liées à la reliure.
a close up view of the inside of an accordion with wood grain and leather lining
Kate Holland
Paradise Lost - edge and endband Wicca, Junk Journal, Organization, Journal, Junk
a close up of a book with a string on top of it and an object in the background
Endbands! | by preservationgal
an open book with yellow and black stripes
Cabezada bordada a mano.