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Alcuni illustri casati da Game of Thrones (secondo Disney)

Really awesome Disney, Game of Thrones crossover fan art!

Can I have one please

Ohh my gosh

Animals with unique markings

Animals with unique markings- the catception cat and the kitty with the white stache and brows are my favorite!

MLB chat noir ladybug marinette adrien comic -we overslept-

MLB chat noir ladybug marinette adrien comic -we overslept->> BLUSHY

Miraculous Ladybug Worried (FULL STORY)

Miraculous Ladybug Worried (FULL STORY) Sooooo cuteeee im gonna dieeee

Lol this is great | Miraculous Ladybug

I laughed for like 20 mins straight

A=Siente el amor M=¡Ella se dirige hacia acá! ¿Porque los akumas siempre involucran al amor? CN=Marinette, ¿Estas bien? M= de hecho,has venido en un buen momento...¡Necesito tu ayuda! CN=¿Ayuda? ¿Necesitas que te lleve lejos prrrrrrrrincesa? M=No ella necesita que le sigas la corriente.¿Puedes hacerlo? CN=Los gatos somos muy flexibles, prin... M=¡Genial!*jalar* ... ... A=*ojeada* ohhhhh yeeaaa CN/M=*jadear,jadear,jadear* (unos minutos despuésXD) CN=Marinette ... T=¡Marinette el…

Anyone wanna rp this? If so, just beware. Pigeon, and I don't want spoilers. I'd be Marinette/Ladybug

Que lindo

Pass on the Kiss Miraculous Ladybug


Akuma blame chart (i. who did the horrible thing that made the person become akumatized). No surprises that Chloe's in the lead. Like come on Chloe be nice to for once please.

He's so bipolar

I give you: Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir---> the boy, the model, and the super hero