like the way it opens on the side

Making the most of every corner, a pantry is installed in the cabinet that houses the stainless steel refrigerator. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry also provides tons of much-needed storage in this kitchen, which is truly the heart of the home.

wood & wire

repurposed wood in a modern kitchen wood and wireElle Decor - Photograph by William Waldron

Allineata alla penisola, c’è un’intera struttura contenitiva che si percepisce invece come parete. #casa #cosedicasa #arredamento #arredamentocasa #design #home #house #cucina #kitchen #chalet

Gli interni su due livelli, di circa 45 + 45 mq, sono frutto di una…


Home Trend: Internal Windows

Interior Wood Doors, Project image via 't Achterhuis Historic Building Materials, The Netherlands. I love these interior doors! And I'm always a fan of flagstone floors!