La Scarzuola, Umbria Italy

La Scarzuola, Umbria- St Francis lived here once in 1218

Preci (Perugia), Umbria, Italy

Preci Umbria Art Print by Brian Jannsen

Etruscan tunnels under Orvieto. Been to Orvieto, but didn't see the tunnels, must go back..............

ORVIETO, ITALY Orvieto Underground This picturesque Umbrian city has a subterranean side that has long remained hidden.

Lentils Fields, Castelluccio Umbria, Italy

Umbria. Castelluccio. E' l'ora del blu

Etruscan Gate (just the lower part) in Perugia, Italy

Perugia - Etruscan Gate predates the Romans. Possibly the oldest thing I've visited - It was here when Hannibal crossed the Alps with his war elephants during the Punic Wars.

5 charming little towns in ancient Umbria | Slow Italy

Of all medieval Umbrian towns, Gubbio is the one that has best preserved its historical and cultural heritage. Even the buildings in the old center still show visible traces of its past etched into their façades.