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an orange cat standing on top of a blue surface with stars and moon in the background
Firestar by AlieTheKitsune on DeviantArt
Firestar by on @deviantART
three different colored cats in the woods with one looking at the camera and another staring
3 nerds by HulluMel on DeviantArt
3 nerds by on @DeviantArt
an animated image of a cat laying in the grass
Pouring Rain... by Mizu-no-Akira on DeviantArt
When Clawface murdered Spottedleaf. You know what? I'm about ready to go and kill that .... idiot..... he KILLED HER! IN THE FIRTS FREAKING BOOK!!!!
four cats are standing on top of a rock formation with the moon in the background
an image of two cats in the sky with words above them that say fire will save the
Fire Will Save The Clans by petitecanine on DeviantArt
Fire Will Save The Clans by on @DeviantArt
a cat that is standing in the grass with it's mouth open and eyes wide open
Graystripe by fuzzyfire932 on DeviantArt
Graystripe, firestar's best friend. Graystripe always stood by firestar, even when firestar was teased. He fell in love with a river clan cat, silver stream, and kept it a secret, till silver stream died from giving birth to his kits. Graystripe sadly moved to river clan, bringing the kits with him. He finally moved back to thunderclan as the kits got older. He then got taken away and met Millie, having her kits as well, but he always loved silverstream
an orange and white cat with green eyes standing in front of a yellow wallpaper
01. Firestar by Cape-Cat on deviantART
an orange cat with green eyes and a blue collar is standing in front of the camera
Rusty from SSS Warrior Cats
an orange cat laying down next to a black cat in the grass with trees behind it
Into the Wild -Fire by JB-Pawstep on DeviantArt
two cats sitting next to each other on a black background
Rusty meets Bluestar by CHAR-C0AL on DeviantArt
Rusty meets Bluestar by CHAR-C0AL on DeviantArt
an orange cat sitting in the middle of a forest
My Side of Hollyleaf's Story
warrior cats pictures of sandstorm - Google Search
a cat laying on top of a green bed next to a bowl of dog food
WarriorCatsClaim DeviantArt Gallery
Sammy by ~Lilinera on deviantART
an orange cat is running across the grass
Firestar/Archive 2
Firestar, leader of ThunderClan. I remember the prophecy, "Fire will save the clan." Firestar is an amazing cat, and had a great influence on my life!!!