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Worklife hacks

Ways to make your work life fit more easily into your all the rest life!
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How do you make new people feel valued and included? | Kirsten Ruffoni

Celebrating new team players - the mondora way

As I sit here in  the office and write this, I'm amused that I'm writing a post in a moment in which my creativity is just not there. I'm sitting in my favourite spot of the office, in a corner, lo...

A personal view on how to spark creativity

This is a post written about me by the CEO of I thought it would make a great first post for my personal blog! At mondora, Kirsten Ruffoni is working as communication facilitator an...

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Italy is a country of complex bureaucracy. Everything is measured and recorded on millions of paper forms, kept for years, sent to various offices, stamped, sent back...a right mess! So when mondor...

How "unlimited holiday" policy has freed my mind and my work

Today was that hard time of the week, when you're still in weekend mode and the alarm suddenly goes off at 6 AM. What, already? But you have a good job, one you enjoy, or at least I have, so you cr...

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