Siege Of Rome 1849, 1st Chasseurs a Cheval, L to R Trumpeter, Chasseur & Sous Officier in Grande Tenue

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Gerolamo Induno - Volontaire des légions de Galibaldi lors du siège de Rome - 1849

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Girolamo Induno, Legionario garibaldino alla difesa di Roma, 1849

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Siege of Rome 1849; The First of Napoleon III's military endeavours, he was still President at the time. L to R Sous Officer Staff Guides, Captain of the Staff and Sous-Lieutenant

French; Light Infantry, 22nd Light Infantry, Voltigeur, 14th Light Infantry, Chasseur Drummer & 22nd Light Infantry, Carabiner Cornet. Seige of Rome 1849 by H.Boisselier

Siege of Rome 1849; French Infantry L to R Carabineer 22nd Light Infantry & Voltigeur & Trumpeter 50th Line Infantry By H.Boisselier.

Villa Corsini, siege of Rome, 1849

Siege Of Rome, French Engineer Corps, Engineer Garde, Engineer Captain & Sapper

Siege Of Rome 1849, Chasseurs a Pied, Captain 2nd Battalion, Sergeant 1st Battalion & Sapper Grand Tenue 1st Battalion.

Siege Of Rome 1849, French Artillery, L to R Captain. Sergeant a Pied5th Regt & Marechal de Logis Chef 7th Regt by H.Boisselier

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