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the cover of who built that modern houses?, with an image of trees and buildings
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Who Built That? Modern Houses
the front cover of midnight creatures, featuring silhouettes of trees and buildings in blue
Helen Friel
an open book with some cut out animals on the pages and trees in the background
Switch off the lights turn on your flashlight and experience a shadow adventure with Midnight Creatures by Helen Friel now available in-store & online #midnightcreatures #stormliterature #stormcopenhagen
an open book with paper cut out of it
midnightcreatures_helenfriel_thedeepocean.gif 1,500×1,200 pixels
four different pictures of elephants made out of scraps and paper with the words happy new year written on them
Another book I would highly recommend. You rip the paper and stick it too card and slot into the animal cut outs in the book. Card and gorgeous Collage paper supplied in a pocket at the back of the book. Perfect if your going to be travelling!! Just add a glue stick. #paperzoo #kidscraftbook #collageforkids #collagebook #papercraft
an open book with pictures on it sitting on top of a white table next to a stack of books
Toys, Tractors, Wooden Toy Car, Toy Car, Wooden Toys, Pigsty, Wooden
a hand is reaching for an origami toy on top of a book page
someone is holding an open book with small toys on the cover and in front of it
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