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architektur.aktuell #348 03/2009: Splendid Isolation #3 Art, Editorial, Building, Options, For Sale, Splendid, Grid, Sale, Greats
Zeitschrift Architektur. aktuell: Architektur. aktuell : the art of building 351 (2009, Paperback) for sale online | eBay
architektur.aktuell #348 03/2009: Splendid Isolation #3
a man is drawing on the wall with black and white graphics in front of him
AV PROYECTOS. nº 074/2016. Dossier BIG. SUMARIO: http://www.arquitecturaviva.com/es/Shop/Issue/Details/422
an image of a book cover with people walking around
GA DOCUMENT. nº 136. SUMARIO: http://www.ga-ada.co.jp/english/ga_document/gad136.html
an image of a magazine cover with trees in the foreground and houses in the background
A + U : Architecture and Urbanism. nº 547. Poetry of Modesty. SUMARIO: https://www.japlusu.com/shop/product/au-201604
the front cover of a book with an image of a bridge in yellow and black
DETAIL : zeitschrift für architektur + baudetail. nº 5. Serie 2016. SUMARIO: http://www.detail-online.com/magazine/lighting-and-interiors-27370/
a magazine cover with an image of a red building and stairs on the front page
A10 : New European Architecture. nº 64. SUMARIO: http://www.a10.eu/magazine/issues/64/
the cover of en blancco's architecture book
En blanco : revista de arquitectura núm. 18/2015 http://www.tccuadernos.com/ http://cataleg.upc.edu/record=b1337869~S4*cat
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
Temas de arquitectura núm.19/2016 http://www.tccuadernos.com/ http://cataleg.upc.edu/record=b1308115~S4*cat
the cover of an architectural magazine with gold and white lines on it's sides
TC cuadernos núm.122-123 Brenac González & Associés. Arquitectura y situación (es) 2005 - 2016 http://www.tccuadernos.com/
the front cover of an architectural magazine with a large building in the background at night
ARQUITECTURA VIVA. nº 182.3/2016. Industrial Heritage. SUMARIO: http://www.arquitecturaviva.com/es/Shop/Issue/Details/418
the front cover of a magazine with an image of many different boxes and numbers on it
AV Monografías 185 - Elemental Alejandro Aravena
AV Monografías nº 185 (2016) Elemental. Alejandro Aravena. Sumario: http://www.arquitecturaviva.com/en/Shop/Issue/Details/420... Na biblioteca: http://kmelot.biblioteca.udc.es/search~S1*gag?/mav/mav/1%2C27%2C28%2CB/frameset&FF=mav+monografias+av+monographs&1%2C1%2Ckmelot.biblioteca...
an advertisement for ga houses project 2055 on the side of a white shelf with plants in it
GA HOUSES. nº 141. Project 2015. SUMARIO: http://www.ga-ada.co.jp/english/ga_houses/gah141.html
the front cover of a magazine with an image of a house and trees in the background
THE PLAN : architecture & technologies in detail. nº 90. SUMARIO: http://www.theplan.it/magazine/the-plan-090
a book cover with an image of a building in the middle and water behind it
El croquis 182 (2016): Christian Kerez 2010-2015 Junya Ishigami 2005-2015 . En la biblioteca: http://biblio.uah.es/uhtbin/cgisirsi/LTr/SIRSI/0/5?searchdata1=^C175017 +Info: http://www.elcroquis.es/Shop/Issue/Details/93?ptID=1&shPg=0
the cover of elephant magazine with an image of a woman's back and neck
Interior design and architecture magazine exploring what’s next in spatial design.
Frame Publishers – Elephant – #25 Winter 2015-16