The image is from peta and shows a human being packed as meat. A form of shock advertisement to bring awareness to the treatment of animals.

this is PETAS human meat protest showing a "dead" human covered in blood in a…

The message of the ad is don't treat others the way you would not like to be treated. It is a form of shock advertisement showing humans at the other end in this case a baby that was I believe being hunted as animals are.

Shock Advertising: 40 Campagne Pubblicitare Creative

Anti animal rights essays This IELTS animal rights essay discusses the exploitation of animals by humans. People who believe in animal rights think that they should not be treated cruelly, for example in experiments or for sport. 'To exploit' means to.

The ad can be considered shock advertisement because of a young boy shown with a cigarette but I believe it can be effective saying that second hand smoke can be just as deadly as smoking. Showing a young boy could make think about those around them such as their children when smoking.

"Second hand smoke in the home hospitalises UK children a year." The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

This image is an advertisement which includes a ketchup and a hot dog. To some this can be a form of shock advertisement because of how the placement implies oral sex.

Hot Dog and Ketchup ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails

I believe this ad can be seen as shock advertisement and offensive to people. The argument can be made that woman are being portrayed as objects.

People hate ads because most of the time it's all about selling. However digging deeper into advertising shows that it is a complex field

The image is another type of shock advertisement showing a girl selling sex while on meth. The picture is very graphic but is one that would bring a lot of attention and awareness.

Disturbing Anti-Drug Ads - Montana Meth Project has a powerful anti-Meth campaign that gives you a glimpse of how Meth (and drugs in general, really) can transform you into s.

The image is an example of shock advertisement showing a young girl covered in hands. The young girl appears to be nude and is being touched meaning she is being sexually abused and the ad is saying that when this happens a person never forgets and suffers for the rest of his or her life.

Shock Advertising: 40 Campagne Pubblicitare Creative

The Print Ad titled Casa Do Menor: Hands was done by McCann Madrid advertising agency for Casa Do Menor in Spain.

The ad is an example of shock advertisement. It is an image that can catch people's attention showing that smoking kills from the inside to out.

Quit Smoking – Please give up your smoking habit. We have quite a lot of reasons as we tell you to quit smoking. Here are some anti-smoking ads given right

The advertisement is from Sony to promote their black and white PlayStation. The picture can be offensive as it portrays dominance of white over black.

In Sony released these advertisements promoting its black and white portable PlayStation. It depicts two women battling, yet the scandal concerned the domination of the white over the black woman. It was quickly removed from the public.

The ad is shocking but effective because it shows the reality of how today's youth is using technology in this case sending nude or partially nude photos.

The Ethical Adman: Parenting magazine shock advertises with teen sexting image (partial nudity)