Gesù bambino

Let's Pray - 1952 vintage USA h/b, lovely illustrations. in Books, Comics & Magazines, Antiquarian & Collectable

Baby ~ Lisi Martin

Tales of family life and trying to creatively raise my family and provide them with inspiration to live life to the full.

Victorian Christmas, Vintage Christmas Cards, Vintage Holiday, Christmas Greetings, Christmas Images, Vintage Pictures, Vintage Images, Vintage Artwork, Pink Princess

Fiocchi di Natale: emozioni

Childhood Joys - this makes me think of my childhood rocker that I still own today! Will have to incorporate into Christmas Display with doll dressed for the holiday

ArsVivendi: ☆ Vintage Christmas Cards

I enjoy art on all types of Christmas cards, and no matter what genre they are, when they're done well, I can really relate to it. But possibly my favorite art on cards comes from the images on vintage Christmas cards, which not only sent a message.